“Jennifer is amazing. I just had such a powerful healing session with her. She uncovered a core block in me that I never, ever, EVER would’ve expected…and no other healer/coach/therapist has ever discovered either. But as soon as she worked on it, I felt so much lighter and happier. Jennifer is the real deal…no doubt about that! I highly recommend her, especially if you ever feel blocked! Thank you Jennifer from the bottom of my heart!” ~

Barbara Huson ~ Author, Leading Expert on Women and Wealth



"Jennifer's work is incredibly powerful. I felt a shift in my belief system almost immediately and made huge life and business decisions that have benefited me immensely since my sessions with her. I will continue to rely on her expertise and unmatched healing abilities in every area of my life. One session with Jennifer did more for me than years of working with other professionals." ~

Haley Night ~ Therapist, Retreat Leader and Mumma


"Jennifer Cain has a true gift of healing and guiding women to their true sense of self. I have been a part of her mentorship program and I can truly say it changed my life. I was able to resolve long-lost hurts, subconscious memories, and blocked beliefs. I was able to come to the truth of who I really am, and be honest with myself. Jennifer showed such grace and gentleness in guiding me along the way. If you are looking for a teacher, healer, or coach who can help bring you back to your truest self, please hire Jennifer. Your life and your future will thank you." 

Amy Pico ~ Mindset Coach and Therapist



 "For 12 weeks, I began each Monday morning with a session with Jennifer. Before I saw any clients or did any work in my business, I talked to Jennifer. The result was a heart-opening, energy expanding, limiting belief removing experience. She helped me to open my heart, experience relationships, and enjoy my life and business at a new level. I am so incredibly thankful for Jennifer Cain and her work." ~

Amanda Frances ~ Money Mindset Mentor and Self-Made Millionaire



"I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for several months. She is such a warm and gentle soul. Jennifer has the intuitive ability to create a warm and supportive space while you explore blocks in your life. Working with her has transformed my personal life as well as my business life. Uncovering blocks and releasing fears has allowed me to step fully into my power. I have healed in ways that I did not believe we're possible. I am forever grateful for our work together. "

Anna Boxleitner ~ Licensed Counsellor


"The healing session I had with Jennifer was amazing. After a quick conversation explaining to me how the session would work she got straight into it, shining a light on some things I hadn't really thought about for years, but were still there, lurking away in my subconscious. Together we actively released some of the things that have been holding me back; she even got into some past life stuff too! After my session I felt absolutely amazing, and I don't think it's any coincidence that I'm feeling more confident and more deserving and have even started seeing some growth in my own spiritual business since talking to her. Jennifer is truly an Earth Angel if I ever met one, her energy is so glorious, it's like a star bath just being in her (online) presence."

Vix Maxwell ~ Tarot reader and Spiritual Biz Mentor!



"After 90 minutes of connecting with the Divine, we look outside and what we see is magical. Symbolic of my remembered peace and path, the clouds have parted, the sun is shining and the sea has found a new sense of calm. The ray of bright white light is directed straight at me. It's God-like. It's Heaven. It's Natures way of acknowledging I've found the answer I was looking for." 

Emma "Emergise" Fairclough - FeelGood & Spirituality Coach and Mentor  


“The moment I dropped into the session with Jennifer, I could feel a shift in my entire energy. Her soft presence creates a safe and warm space. I felt completely held and supported, allowing me to do really deep. She shows up as such a clear and intuitive channel. Her work is so deep and profound, yet so gentle - offering exactly what is needed in that moment, getting to the core of what is going on. Afterwards, I felt clearer, more empowered, and much more peaceful. I would highly recommend this beautiful and potent work, whether you have something specific you want clarity on, or just general guidance.” ~ Colleen

“Kind, understanding and very accurate. You should go for it, if you want to change your life.” ~ Cristina

“The vibrations of my evening in Women's Temple with Jennifer are still moving through me. Jennifer held space for me to shed layers of heaviness and fear, which in many ways, I did not realise I was still carrying. The intuitive movement allowed my body to fly, to be seen and to shine.” ~ Katherine