Terms and Conditions


Outlined are the current terms and conditions of service for Rise Goddess and the Healing and Mentorship products available working with the proprietor, Jennifer Anne Cain. Please fully read and agree to these terms before purchasing a healing bundle or single session. Purchase will confirm adherence to all stated terms by both parties.

Healing and Mentoring Services

The healing bundles and packages on offer are set agreements of time commitments between the client and practitioner. Once the package/bundle, session or any other product has been booked there will be no refunds unless it is an exceptional circumstance deemed so by the seller (Jennifer Cain).

All rescheduled appointments must be agreed 48 hours prior to the agreed session time and only under special circumstances. If an appointment is missed out with this agreement it will be viewed as missed and no longer redeemable. The full payment will also be required as well as any room hire costs. We honour one another's time and commitment to one another. 

Transference - It has been noted that a certain level of transference can often occur during deep transformational work between a client and practitioner. This is a phenomena where the practitioner begins to remind the client of someone in their past who was significant to them, this could be a family member, friend or someone else of significance. This can mean the client develops a strong attachment and/or feeling of triggering behaviour towards the practitioner where they want to project and blame them for what is arising. This is something to become aware of, not to be frightened by and to be spoken about whenever this arises, between Jennifer and you. It will be met with love, acceptance and kindness and is nothing to be afraid of. In turn, Jennifer will keep check on any counter-transference (the reversal of the former explanation) from her part and it will not become an issue within sessions. 

The Practitioner (Jennifer) is not responsible for any of the events of personal circumstances in the clients life before, during or after their work agreement together. There will be energy healing work involved in this work and the Creator of All That Is (God, Source energy, Universal Intelligence etc.) will be conducting this healing. To be aware of this before commencing is essential. There are no guarantees or out-right promises with this work as it is a form of "Faith Healing" that has and does continue to help people improve and change their lives. This does not take away from your self responsibility within and out with the working relationship. You must be willing to show up and open yourself to this work. Trusting and being guided by the ethics Jennifer is practicing under, yes, she will remain accountable to her own high standards of practice and willing to discuss any issues or fears you may have arise. However, it is not possible to blame her or expect her to "save or cure" anything.

This is a support structure for life improvement. It is not meant to replace any other forms of medical treatment, necessary care or mental health support. It is not meant to be a quick fix for any requirement of financial or material aide. This is essentially an act of consciousness between two sentient beings on a spiritual path. It will be honoured and treated as such by both parties who are in agreement to work together, co-operatively and with the Higher Source in order to support improvement, growth and change chosen by the participant and guided by Jennifer. Free will is the most important component in all areas of this process.

This is a life-enhancing and transformative process. It can provide the opportunity for major growth, healing and change within the lives of those who choose to invest in this work. Please be aware of the effects that energy healing can have on your life and know that it will all transpire with the intention of the Highest and Best will of all, in Divine Timing and through the energy frequency of Unconditional Love. No energy work, healing or advice will be given or transmitted without the Free will acceptance of the participant. 

This is your life, you are the one choosing.


The Client and Practitioner (Jennifer) both agree to only discuss the content of the discussion within sessions out with their call times, in person sessions and emails together, if it is verbally permitted by both parties. The client will not slander or mis-represent Jennifer and her work when the working relationship ends or during the time of the agreed working season. Jennifer agrees to only discuss issues arising within the therapeutic space with another professional, without naming names, when the situation requires extra support. This is a term known formally as Supervision and maintains that Jennifer will be highly effective in her role.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

These are stated in the sections above. No refunds will be given unless, for any exceptional reason Jennifer cannot fulfil her duties as agreed and stated before commencing the journey with client or in the case of emergency and needing to cancel the terms of service.

In this extraordinary case, payment will be returned to client in full and may be given back in instalments by an agreed date.

All payments made are final and indisputable unless they break the terms of agreement.

Although agreeing to maintain the Highest and most Ethical standards within her work, Jennifer will not be held in any way responsible for her clients life choices and decisions. Jennifer also retains the right to end any form of communication with a client should they go against the terms and conditions of service.

In extreme cases of abuse, defamation of character or any other illegal act or breach of agreement, legal action may be taken.

Financial Agreements must be adhered to a fulfilled on agreed dates.

All Rights Reserved ~ Jennifer Cain, Rise Goddess 2019