Women's Sensual Magic Session

Women's Sensual Magic Session


This is a 3 hour specialised session. What potency and power are you that you have been denying? Who are you hiding behind? What needs to be healed for you to step into you more fully?

During this 3 hour session we will dive in to whatever you require. Are you a woman with an immense power inside? Do you require some facilitation to release the blocks that are stopping you? Who would you truly be if you could give yourself the space?

We will de-armour energetically all of the block you have created to suppress your feminine energy.

You will receive practices designed for you to use and practice with whenever you choose to.

We will go into the hidden programmes and energies, clearing them out to actualise you in blossoming in to the full radiance of your magnetic being.

So what would it take for you to be and embody the Goddess on Earth you truly be?

You will receive 3 hours with Jennifer in this healing vortex space either Online or In person when it is possible. We will come together and connect to consciousness to bring about the transformation you desire and require for total awareness of the you you have been hiding.

We will have a 20 minute break in the middle of this session.

You will be required to prepare something before we begin and then report back afterwards once each time to encapsulate the full experience.

This is for women who know they are Magnetic.

Who are ready to be the Magic they truly are.

Who have a sense that All of Life if working for them.

I am sending you so much energy! Lets BE together :D

Sat Nam x

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