1 x Nephrite Jade Egg (Medium Size)

1 x Nephrite Jade Egg (Medium Size)


The Jade egg has been used by women for centuries internally as a tool for Sacred Embodiment. The egg is inserted directly into the vagina and exercises can then be done to expand and contract the muscles of the vaginal wall to build strength. As women the health of our Vagina’s is key to health in the rest of the body.

100% natural genuine nephrite jade guaranteed.

The stone itself, Nephrite Jade is a darker colour than most jade we see or think of commonly as light green. It is non porous and so will not absorb moisture like other stones or crystals do, therefore remaining safe to use for years. This is the original and recommended stone for use internally and in taoist jade egg practice it is the most common. Jade is a healing stone that brings in to the balance the masculine and feminine energies and can heal sexual trauma. It is gentle, nurturing and does not absorb frequencies like other crystals do such as quartz therefore it does not require regular energetic smudging or cleansing.

Blessed in the holy waters of the White Spring of Glastonbury, Avalon. This will be the starting point for your new Jade Egg. As you commune with the energy of the egg it will support and unfold it’s healing journey alongside you and within you.

You will receive an instruction guide with you Medium sized Nephrite Polar Jade Crystal Yoni Egg that has two small holes drilled at the top for threading non fragrance or wax based dental floss through it for easy insertion and pulling out.

You will also receive a Preparation Guide Pamphlet with your purchase and a small recommended Exercise book digitally with your egg so you can begin your very own Jade egg practice as soon as it arrives! For some they take time with their egg before using. This is an empowering and exquisite practice. May the Goddess within you Rise <3

This product is non-refundable. I am taking pre-orders for eggs now!

Your egg may take up to a few weeks to arrive depending on which country you live in as orders are shipped by hand from the UK. Please be patient. Keep in touch for any enquiries or delays.


I look forward to offering this window of possibility to you with the Jade Egg, it has and does continue to support me immensely! I also hope it does for you

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