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Yoni Egg Activation

Whether you have just begun your Jade Egg Practice, are Re-visiting after some time away or would just like to receive some fresh insights and support in a new container of like-hearted women. This may be something for you to Receive and Contribute too.

Duration - 1 month

Private, Moderated Facebook Group

The Private Facebook Group is your support Hub to connect with the Women on the Journey, share insights, wisdom and inspiration and receive regular posts from Jennifer to give you a consistent and nurturing feel to your process.

2 x Live 60 Minute Calls - Must Attend to Participate

Call #1 ~ Expanding and Integration of Your Jade Egg Practice

  • Theory and Understanding of Methods and Origin

  • Why we use the egg? History and the Relevance of the current resurgence in this practice for women

  • How to get the most from your Jade Egg Practice

  • Who are you underneath the layers? Uncovering your essence through the connection with your egg and beyond it.

  • Reconnecting Yoni, Heart and Mind

  • Balancing and Aligning all of your Chakras through a Guided Energetic Healing Exercise.

Call #2 ~ Moving Beyond Just the Practice

  • What are you Creating? In all of your life aspects and areas? How is this practice enriching your life and body?

  • Your Innate Knowing. Reaching within and uncovering the information that already exists within you.

  • Self - Empowered, Assured and In Your own Lane.

  • Cultivate and Expand your Intuitive Knowing.

  • What Else Is Possible? What have you not yet discovered?

  • Moving Forward, seeing the changes, actualising and creating your life from You. The Power Source within, its all in You.

These are the main topics and discussion points within these calls, you can discuss your insights with one another in the Facebook group after the Live Call.

These Activations are 1 month in Length with actual participation time Being expected for the 2 Live calls (Essential to participation) these are the main Juice of the process and where you will receive the most contribution. Your in between moments are for your own Inner journeying, integrating the practice and receiving new insights and answers.

1-1 Weekly Support Window

You will have 1 day allocated per week within a set time frame during the day to receive 1-1 Email Facilitation from Jennifer with anything that may arise or that you wish to bring up in between the calls.

The Power is Within You to create the life you want and the Jade Egg can be a great tool to assist you.

I am very excited to deepen this practice with you.

Jennifer x

Investment ~ £204

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The Next Yoni Egg Activation will take place from the 1st of September 2019

Call Dates and Times -

Call #1 - 4th September at 6pm UK Time

Call #2 - 25th September at 6pm Uk Time