Living For You

Living For You

Find Something to Live For.

Let that some-thing, some-body, some-one Be You.

I found myself beginning to wake up in the morning recently and not wanting to be here. My spark had been hidden and I was bombarded and covered by other people’s realities which had nothing at all to do with me and who I am. Once I was a Creative, ever-abundant inspired and pro-active person. No matter what life threw at me I would keep following my higher calling and going on and on moving forward and creating my life as I went. At some point around 12 months ago I gave up on myself. It was all “too hard”, too exhausting, people didn’t get it, I couldn’t sustain it… the list was as long as my arm as to why I couldn’t Be Me.

As always I hooked myself in to Universal Consciousness and asked, what is the answer? I went down to a healing class in London and my whole life turned around. I now knew I could ask questions that could open me back up to that Creative energy I was so missing lately. The me i had always been even when others had no clue as to why i was motivated by what I was and why I chose such a different way of being.

What they didn’t know or understand was that for me, it was and is not a choice I can pass on, It’s the only way I can be happy. I meet people and work with folks in healing sessions and there comes to a point, maybe multpiple times in our lifespan where we review the question… “What or who am I living for?”

I was attemtping to siplify all of my creative intelligence in to something more manageable, a little box, easy to access so people could pay me and I can just carry on, do all the things an adult human is “supposed to do” and just be grateful. Life in the Creation zone had been a whirlwind of adventure, but I had yet to create sustainability. I was judging it and allowing other peoples “well seasoned advice” to overshadow who I truly was. So may rules, non of which I resonated with, but I had to somehow ease this suffering abd doing it my way didn’t seem to be sustainable.

Over the past 12 months I have went in to stuff I never needed to, I have realised that very very little of this was actually mine. I was absorbing and buying it from others because I had forgotten what I was here to Live for. I had lost or buried or hidden away Me.

Making other people too significant is a recipe for pain and sorrow. We are here to be Us. Not anyone else.

We have an amazing intelligence called consciousness available to us at any moment we choose to be aware of it. We Are ALL here to create and be and make of ourselves and our lives whatever we choose and desire. The beliefs and point of views we have shape that reality. It begins with Us and there is no end.

I used to love writing like this, somwhere along the way I got pulled in to the projections, expectations and judgments of other people. I was shining and it upset so many people I gradually began to shut it down, till eventually I was no longer enjoying my life and just keeping it all together, barely.

If you are feeling in any way depressed, un-motivated or questioning everything GOOD! Be thankful, you can now choose a different way. You can see this as a tell-tale sign that your Awareness is increasing and you can do something amazing to change it…. stop coming to conclusions.

If you believe things will never get better, they won’t.

However, if you are willing, right now in this second to ask some questions and open the energy up…. this life of yours may just open up new and amazing possibilities.

So ask yourself > What can I be and do today to change my reality right away, with total ease?

Dont look for an answer, just keep asking yourself questions!

How does it get any better than this?

What can I be and Do differently today that will open up more possibilities for me right away?

Do you choose to be a happy person?

If so, let go of the excuses, make some changes, be more of you and keep asking questions.

I really want everyone to feel they can wake up in the morning, smile and know that they have something to live for.

And know that that person is You <3

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